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Hi, my name is Rehanna.  My background is in mental health, psychology, counselling psychology, and soon I will be studying for my doctorate in the latter.  Currently I am working with individuals in a therapeutic capacity.  

I am extremely passionate, and curious about people, why we think and behave as we do, and how we function in groups.  We are a fascinating bunch and I do not think one lifetime is enough to even skim the surface of what there is to learn.

I believe our complexity should not be dismissed; therefore, I always aim to work in a holistic and integrative way, honouring the whole person, with a therapeutic modality that is tailored to the individual’s psychology and needs.

I love a challenge and daily life surely offers its own kind! 
I am interested in how psychological awareness can aid everyday interactions.  This blog therefore aims to discuss some of life’s challenges in a way that is hopefully relatable, informative, insightful, and thus helpful.

Thanks for reading this; more posts will be added in the coming weeks and months, as well as vlogs and Q&As.  If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me at:


Twitter: @PsychologyArc